Uncybilized Introduction

Hi there

I still don’t know why we do this. Doesn’t matter, since I don’t know so many things …

But, while in ‚my room’ stirring soup, I keep wondering what’s stirring us into action, my Binary Grunt and his Cybil Unrest. I mean, let’s face it, it’s not going to make any difference if we share our thoughts or not. On the other hand, so many things have changed because people were sharing thoughts…

In the worst case, sharing thoughts may start a new era. That’s, if your name is Jesus or Mohammed. You had the best intentions while babbling words of wisdom and what happens? Dang, all of a sudden you’re a prophet. That’s pretty tough, especially when it comes to the crucifixion part. The real mess starts when you’re gone. Miraculous tales will be spread, until some disciples  have finished scribbling this book. Draughty temples will be erected on the best properties  and you’re  to blame for sending  people through the troubles of adapting to a new calendar. I know, Binary Grunt’s gonna like this. Not the crucifixion part, but the dawning of the Binary Grunts Age, tata! Forget Aquarius. I’ll not imagine what that era is going to be like, not now. But, this is what unsolicited ranting can do, worst case scenario of course. I think it’s scary. Just a wee bit.

Comforting to know that the world doesn’t listen to women, hardly ever it does. Unless she answers questions like ‚your place or mine?’ Phew, I can’t really do much of a damage then. I can simply jabber on about all sorts of things crossing my mind, when in ‚my room’ or elsewhere and nothing’s going to happen. All as it ever was, apart from one thing: It’s gonna be fun (and girls just wanna have fun)

So, thanks to my Binary Grunt for setting this up. He’s hopelessly chauvinistic (just a man <shrug>) but he’s right – he’s the one with the binary stuff, the techie-stuff and in charge of all the other, oh so masculine duties, including plumbing. We live in two separate worlds but that’s so helpful sometimes! He’s the nerd (cruel people call him ‚geek’) addicted to electric smog while I’m in charge of all the quaint things, such as breathing oxygen.

This means, he’s going to tell you a lot about cyber space, outer space and other distant worlds while I’ll be on about planet earth and the wondrous species inhabiting it. Needless to say that both of us experience close encounters of the peculiar kind.

I’m afraid, we’re going to tell you about it…. 



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