What a great moment of geekdom.

wolframalpha1Yes! I was there when it went live the first time!

Its gonna be off and on over the weekend according to their Twitter feed. So at least starting on Monday, March 18th you should be able to access the system as well. In the mean time, here are the answers to my previous questions

Afghanistan GDP per capita 217.79 USD (2005 estimate, about 1/200th of the US)

Afghanistan life expectancy 44.6 years.

AIDS infection rate in Africa 4.17%. more than a fourth of the population of Swaziland is infected. 2.261 million deaths per year, but sure, condoms are a bad idea.

Rwanda deaths unfornunately did not show a diagram, and did not distinguish how people died, but here’s the number anyways136,853 (2008 estimate)

wolframalpha2The actual launch did resemble WarGames a bit though. Lets hope its not SkyNet 🙂

In any case: More data available to the public, and making them accessible is a Good Thing(TM).

And just because people will insist asking that question over and over: No, it is not going to make people dumb!

How availability of information could possibly make people dumb is beyond me.


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