A binary introduction.

A/S/L ? zOMG, do I h8 that. Anyways, here it goes.

Age: Perfect for a 633k. (for the unititiated, that is supposed to mean “geek” in 13375p34k) Don’t even bother getting me a birthday present that doesn’t have a USB-plug.

Sex: Yes, please. We’re not british.

Location: You haven’t read my previous post, huh? You are at an intersection. To the north you see a flat country with vikings, the south has mountains, chocolate and pizza. To the west you’ll find some more chocolate and people who are decided that moving from the waters onto land was not a good idea of evolution, so they’re trying to reverse that. The east is where your farm workers come from. Where do you want to go? Its Krautland, duh!

Phew, that got the ASL out of the way.

Likes: Programming, a bit of gaming (mostly a geek-MMO called Eve-Online), and generally playing with stuff that has USB plugs. Ah, and ranting about the same subjects again and again. I’m not too sure if that is to be counted as an actual hobby, but since I tend to do it a lot, I included it anyways.

Dislikes: religious fanatism (any kind, and yes, that includes the pope), big brother (I couldnt care less about tv series, I’m talking the 1984 kind here) and the general tendency of stupid people with a loud voice and no bleedin’ clue clustering in great numbers, often wrongly referred to as ‘politics’.

Because speaking ones mind freely is likely to set somebody’s world on fire, I have decided to blog anonymously. There’s probably a billion people out there already (thats about the number of catholics) who don’t like me calling their religious leader a fanatist, so there’s only 5.5 billion left to affront. I’m not paranoid about it, but a bit of safety can’t hurt, can it?

Binary Grunt

P.S. This post was supposed to be the second, but Wolfram Alpha was way more important, so it had to wait.


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