Hello world!

mkay. So this’ll be it. We’ve decided to blog, and me being binary I had to set the thing up.

Not that it is hard to setup a blog these days, but … well, ya know… wimmenz. I get to do the techie-stuff, and yes, if there’s a problem with the plumbing, it sure as hell calls for a man as well. I get my revenge though by calling the kitchen “her room” 😛

Now who are we, and what is this blog going to be all about?

To be honest, were not sure. We are sure who we are, just not on the “what this is all about” part, so I guess I’ll start off with the who bit.

Were a German couple, living in Germany. Okay, enough of the bad news.

The good news: we’re both bilingual. Well, kinda… sorta… like: I got this bad humiliation of the English language that stuck with me ever since I lived in the US for a while, and she’s got the spoon up her nose and talks with a british accent. So I get to write “gonna” and “kinda” and stuff, and she has to stick to proper grammar and spelling… mkay? We might put a post on here in german every once in a while, but thats just another subject we havent decided upon yet.

We have an oppinion. Sometimes we have more than one, then of cause my point of view is utterly wrong and her’s is totally right. Sound familiar? Anyways, after a number of discussions with friends, family and people I’m not sure what they count as we finally concluded that some of those oppinions should be put out there on the interwebs.

Oh well. I ran outa time for tonight – not a good sign for a first post, huh? But, man, did I looooove writing outa 🙂

Over and out, your Binary Grunt.


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